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All Weeks of camp for Summer 2023 are full as well as the waitlist.

 We are planning a great summer full of activities, and fun. We have made some changes to our programs to help meet the needs of more families this coming summer. More camper spots will be available on a weekly basis. We will be selling camp session weeks and weekly extended day options a-la carte. A 10% discount will be available to families purchasing the whole summer.

Kids camp this year will again be focused on 8 and unders, but we will still provide a service to kids 9-12 who would like to sign up for the fuller summer service. The 9+ program will provide a home base where the older campers will sign-in and out each day. They will be allowed to enjoy camp offerings but won't be required to do any of the group activities. This year, they will not have a specific counselor but will have a camp counselor each day that will be their person to touch base with if they need anything.


Wednesday, May 31st to Friday, July 28 (9 individual weeks)

-No Camp Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th-

 Camp Options Hours Ages  Cost
 Regular camp 8 and under 10-2 4-8 $280 each week sold separately.*
 Regular camp +Extended Day 9-3 4-8 $350 each week sold separately.*
 9+ program 9-3 9-12 $280 full summer***
* 10% discount for campers purchasing all 9 weeks

* Week 1 and Week 5 are short weeks and are adjusted prorated accordingly.

***OPP has a policy that any child age 9 or up may be at the pool unattended as long as they follow the lifeguard's policy to be there. For families that would like a little more adult interaction, and would also like to have some optional activity offerings for their child, we have changed our  9+ “camp”. Rather than running a camp, families can elect to be part of 9+ program for a nominal fee. Campers can sign themselves in/ out at the camp desk. They will be shown a schedule of the day to which they are welcome to join any of the planned activities. They will gather in the morning with a counselor and then will have much of the independence that other older kids enjoy at the pool.



8 and Unders



Extended Hours: Free Play

Drop Off-Sign in


Regular camp Begins


Circle Time & Check In:






Upper Lawn Play Time & Games



Arts and Crafts/Activity



Lunch *option to pre-order from the canteen

option to pre-order from the canteen


Swim Team Practices & Free Swim 

Swim Team Practices & Free Swim 


Group Time: Games, stories and choice time






Clean up Challenge closing circle 



Regular Day Pick Up


Extended Hours: Free Play



Pick up-Sign out


Can campers do swim team/ mini-stingers/ lessons and also go to Kids Camp?

Yes, campers can attend camp and also go to swim team practice! Our counselors will escort and pick up from swim lessons, mini-stingers and practice.

What do we do at camp?

Our days are filled with games, songs, sports, swimming (free swim), and arts and crafts! Each week has a new theme for kids to get excited about. 

What swimming ability do children need to have?

To swim in the main pool area, children must be able to complete one lap of strong swimming. A lifeguard will administer this test and has full discretion to decide if it has been passed.

If the lifeguard determines that unsafe conditions exist, children can swim in the designated shallow end (kiddie pool).

Will snacks and lunch be provided?

There will be an option to pre-order lunch at the canteen a few days before the session begins. Campers are encouraged to bring a snack each day.

Is there an optional drop-in for extended day?

No, you will need to plan ahead and purchase the extended day program on the weeks where you will want it. There will be no drop-ins for extended day hours.

For more information please contact:

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