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Guests must ALWAYS be accompanied by a member in good standing. Having a guest means being a host, and unaccompanied guests are not permitted to enter or use the pool.

Members should not open the gate for non-members unless you are their host. It's the host's job to let guests in.

Each OPP membership includes 10 free "guest" passes per year. The 10 guest passes apply to each membership (i.e. your family), not to each family member.

If you exceed your allotment of free passes, the fee for guests is $5/person.

ALL guests must sign in and sign a liability waiver whether paid or free. The guest book is located on the small table at the front gate.

Any group consisting of more than 10 non-members must be booked as a party.  For more information or to make a party request please click HERE (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO ACCESS THE PARTY REQUEST PAGE).

While it is the job of the Club Manager and the lifeguards to enforce these rules, we need the OPP community's help, too. The limitations on guest usage exist to help preserve the quality of the OPP experience for all our members, so please abide by them.

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