This Week's Events at OPP

NOTE: The pool is closed, so no events at this time!

The Newsletter for Park Pool: February 2024 Edition

Welcome back everyone.  Things are starting to come into shape.  Please read below for updates on the cafe, swim team, and summer camp!


Cafe Happenings!

We're getting back a legend in the cafe all!  Chef Dave, the hero who ran the cafe several years ago, has agreed to return.  There are also big plans in the works to help update the cafe appliances, as well as clean up some of the areas that will make his life, and the lives of the cafe staff, much easier.  We'll be rolling out a calendar, hours, and menu in the near future.  Be on the lookout for announcements when these things are finalized.

Stingray Swim Team News

It's official!  The swim meet schedule for the 2024 season is now finalized and posted on the Orinda Park Pool website's calendar.  We're in the process of finalizing events like the Stingray Ball, sleepover, and other cherished activities also linked to the swim team.  Once these are finalized, we'll update the pool and swim team websites.  Keep an eye out for these changes in the near future.

Membership Update

Annual membership dues are due...TODAY! If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please reach out to the membership team at

To relinquish your membership, please click on the following link.  Please note that you must be logged in to do this.  Also, please keep in mind that dues and assessments are non-refundable.

Summer Camp Update!

🌞 Dive into the excitement of Summer 2024 at our Kids Camp! 🏊‍♂️ Join us for a sun-soaked adventure filled weeks with creative crafts, lively games, and catchy songs that will make this summer unforgettable. This year, we're thrilled to announce that Leslie Millstone, a local Orinda teacher and OPP mom, along with Robin Rojas Cheatham, a teacher and previous OPP member, will co-direct the camp, bringing their passion for summer fun to every activity. They are excited to run camp for the third year!

Under their guidance, high school counselors will supervise the campers during the camp day from 9 AM to 3 PM, ensuring that each day is not only filled with laughter and fun but also offers an opportunity for campers to enjoy the pool and participate in swim team. Campers will enjoy provided snacks, and for those looking for lunch, our canteen will have a variety of delicious options available for purchase and pre-orders.

Mark your calendars! Registration opens on February 15th at 5pm providing parents with ample time to review their summer schedules and choose the weeks that best fit their family needs. Get ready for a season of extended fun, exploration, and memories that will last a lifetime! Please see the OPP website for more information on Kids Camp!

Please email with any camp specific questions.

Swim Schedule for the Week

Getting to Know Your Park Coaches and Board

In this portion of the OPP newsletter, we'll be introducing  a new coach, member of the OPP staff, or committee member.  This will hopefully help us strengthen our bond as a community, and give everyone a person to say hi to when you're at the pool this year. 

Today's person we're meeting is a well known and highly acclaimed coach at OPP, Coach Colin--aka Colin Kelley.

Q: Did you ever swim for OPP, and if so, how many years did you swim?
I was a swimmer for OPP from the time I was five years old, when I first entered Mini Stingers. I graduated in 2022, capping off my 14th and final summer as a swimmer at OPP.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from your days of swimming at OPP?

There are too many great OPP memories to choose from, but to be brief, I’ll never forget any of the stingrays balls I went to, and winning an OPPBA league championship has a special place in my heart.
Q: How long have you been a coach for OPP?

I have been a coach at OPP for five years, going on six. I started when I was fifteen years old as a CIT (coach in training) and have ascended the ranks to becoming an Assistant coach.

Q: Is there a swimming stroke or technique that you like to teach more than others to coach?

I do have a slight affinity to teaching dives and turns, since I feel it’s one of the things I’m best at. But truthfully I love teaching all techniques, regardless of difficulty involved. To me, the more difficult something is to teach, the more coveted it is when you can find someone who knows how to teach it well.

Q: What high school did you attend?

I attended and graduated from Campolindo high school in 2022.

Q: Where are you currently going to school?

I am a current sophomore at the University of Oregon.

Q: Do you have a major in college—or a career path that you’re considering?

I am currently a German major, considering a double major, or minor (possibly in education). We’ll see, I’m still unsure as of the time I am writing this.

Q: Did you play any other sports when growing up in the area?

In addition to swimming, I played basically every sport as a kid including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. During high school I played football briefly, and basketball.

Q: Do you have any family members or friends that you want to embarrass by saying something to them in this?

Shoutout to Chase, you’ll probably never see this but we’ll play soon, promise.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports that you’re really into?

Outside of sports I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, and watching anime.