OPENING Week's Events at OPP (3/23-3/29)

3/23 - Pool Cleanup (10-1)

3/24 - Opening Day

 - OPEN 8:30 AM-8:00 PM

- Pancake Breakfast 10-12 Noon

- New Member Orientation 12-1

3/26-3/28 - Swim Clinics*

* Please review calendar for clinic days/times

The Newsletter for Park Pool: March 2024 Edition

We're almost there everyone!  OPP is opening THIS MONTH!  With just 3 weeks to go before opening weekend festivities, there's a lot to get to in this month's newsletter.  Please review this one in full today.  We'll be sending out additional announcements about items we cover here as we get to them, but putting these big dates on your calendar will ensure that you don't miss any of the fun that starts near the end of March.  In the meantime, get those swim suits dusted off, restock the sunscreen, and start working on getting back into swim shape.  We've got a whole lot of pool time ahead of us!


Opening Weekend Starts With a Bang (3/23 and 3/24)

Where can you get free coffee, donuts, pastries, tasty beverages AND hot pizza all in one day?  Weird that you asked that very specific question!?! Well, you can get these things at OPP on Saturday, March 23rd from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  That's our pool cleanup day.  We've been keeping tabs on the pool all winter, but there are always items that need some work to get us up and running.  If you're someone willing to help with the cleanup, please stop by on that day and be rewarded.  We'll not only give you a big thank you, but we'll also bribe you with lots of food.

Not enough fun?  Well, we have OPENING DAY the following morning, Sunday, March 24th.  Chef Dave will be hosting our annual pancake breakfast 90 minutes after our doors officially open at 8:30 AM. The pancake breakfast will be from 10 AM to noon, and the new member orientation will be held right after that from 12 to 1.  Stay tuned for menu details and ticket prices.

Stingray Swim Team News

The spring clinic schedule is finalized all!  For the months of March and April the Stingrays will be hitting the pool on the weekdays AND weekends.  These for-purchase clinics are designed to get our kids back in shape for swim season, refresh their memories on stroke technique, and get them excited for another year of swim team.  Please be sure to check out the swim team website for updates on pricing and more detailed practice dates/times for the different age groups.

For now, here are the spring swim clinic dates/times that are on the calendar:

Weekday Clinics (8&Under, 4:30-5:15, 9&Up, 5:15-6:00)

Tue 3/26, Wed 3/27, Thu 3/28, Mon 4/1, Tue 4/2, Wed 4/3, Thu 4/4, Tue 4/9, Thu 4/11, Tue 4/16, Wed 4/17, Thu 4/18

Weekend Clinics ((8&Under, 12:00-12:45, 9&Up, 11:00-11:45)

3/30, 3/31, 4/6, 4/7, 4/13, 4/14, 4/20, 4/21, 4/27, 4/28, 5/4, 5/5, 5/11

Membership Update

The one month grace period for memberships has passed and we're settling into our final list of members this year. If you are just realizing that you didn't renew your membership, please reach out to us right away.  Or, if you have any questions/concerns about your membership, please contact us at  As a reminder, please keep in mind that dues and assessments are non-refundable.

Spring Schedule (3/25 to 5/5)

(Please Reference the Calendar on the OPP Website for the Swim Team Schedule)

Getting to Know Your Park Coaches and Board

In this portion of the OPP newsletter, we'll be introducing  a new coach, member of the OPP staff, or committee member.  This will hopefully help us strengthen our bond as a community, and give everyone a person to say hi to when you're at the pool this year. 

This month, we meet a very familiar face at the pool, Kristin Johnston.  She's the new swim team director for the year.  This means that she's the point of contact between swim team families, Coach Brad (the head coach), Eldad (the pool manager), and all of wonderful coaches on the team.

Q: Where were you born?

A: I was born in Marin. We moved to Orinda when I was two-years-old.

Q: Did you ever participate in a pool and/or swim teams during your childhood?

A: When I was growing up, I swam for MCC. I also swam for Miramonte High School.

Q: Did you go to college, and if so, which one?

A: I went to Santa Barbara City College. 

Q: What city do you currently reside in?  And how long have you lived there?

A: My family and I live in Orinda. I pretty much have lived here my whole life, except for around the time that I was in college. At that time, I lived in Santa Barbara for 8 years. I loved it so much and had a great job.

Q: What is your current occupation?

A: I am a preschool teacher at Growing Tree in Moraga. I have been there for 10 years. I love working with the kiddos. I also enjoy giving private swim lessons to my friends' kids.

Q: How long have you been a member at OPP?

A: I have been a member for 4 years. I love OPP!

Q: What are your family members that are also members at the pool?

A: My husband, Andrew, and my daughter Summer.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the pool?

A: I enjoy relaxing swims in the pool, socializing with my friends, and watching my daughter swim.

Q: Does your family have any pets?

A: We have two dogs. Billy is 16-years-old and she used to be my mom‘s dog. We have Jackson that’s 2-1/2-years-old. He is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix.

Q: What's a hidden talent that you have?  

A: If you ask my husband, he says teaching many different things, helping children grow, and helping people feel special in many ways--and always looking to the positive!

If you have any questions or comments for us, please reach out to us at