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NOTE: The pool is closed, so no events at this time!

The Newsletter for Park Pool: January 2024 Edition

Welcome to the first newsletter from Park Pool in many, many years.  The goal of these newsletters will be to provide readers with updates on the pool's activities, create a better sense of community within the pool, and let everyone know more about the different opportunities available at the pool. 

Please read below for a limited set of updates that we can provide in this cold month of January.  As the year progresses, we'll have more information to provide.  These newsletters will also come out weekly when we get into the Spring and the pool opens.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed the holidays and get some much needed rest!


2024 Opening and Closing Days Set!  AND OMPA Set!

It's official folks.  The 2024 season is in focus and we're getting excited.  With swim meets still being negotiated, last year's swim hours being finalized (they might change a tiny bit), and lesson plans being discussed, we'll be sending out several updates on the pool schedule very soon.  For now, we have our first piece of official business finalized. 

Opening Day: Sunday, March 24th

OMPA Meet: August 2nd-4th

Closing Day: Sunday, October 27th

That's 7th months of poolside fun!

Stingray Swim Team News

As the season advances, we'll provide updates on swim team events, activities that are on the horizon, and other communications from the team.  This will hopefully keep everyone in the pool up to speed--swim team families and non-swim team families alike.

Membership Update

Emails about 2024 dues have gone out a few weeks ago. Please don't forget that membership dues must be paid by February 01, 2024.  To make your payments this year, please access your OPP account through our website and pay your annual dues there.  If you need help with this or have any additional membership related questions, please email

Also, if you have decided that it is time to relinquish your membership, please login to the website and fill out the relinquishment form provided on the website.  The link for this is HERE, but you must be logged in to access this link.

As a reminder, once paid, dues and assessments are non-refundable.

Swim Schedule for the Week

Getting to Know Your Park Coaches and Board

In this portion of the OPP newsletter, we'll be introducing  a new coach, member of the OPP staff, or committee member.  This will hopefully help us strengthen our bond as a community, and give everyone a person to say hi to when you're at the pool this year. 

Today's person we're meeting is our new social chair on the OPP board, Carri Maas.  Carri was kind enough to get the ball rolling on this venture by providing us with some information about herself.  Please thank Carri for being daring enough to be the first person highlighted in these newsletters.

1. Where were you born?
I was born at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek and grew up in Clayton. I attended Northgate and Clayton Valley High Schools.
2. Did you ever participate in a pool and/or swim teams during your childhood?
I spent most of my childhood summers on the East Coast, and did not get an opportunity to participate in swim team or pool culture. As a result, I'm more comfortable above the water (on a boat) or below (scuba diving). It's been amazing learning the ropes of pool life and watching my girls flourish on the swim team. 
3. Did you go to college, and if so, which one?
My husband and I are both proud graduates of UC Santa Barbara. Ole!
4. What city do you currently reside in?  And for how long?
We have lived in Orinda since the fall of 2017, and followed a typical path from San Francisco (Russian Hill) to Oakland (near Rockridge Bart) to Orinda, and are thrilled with our choice to raise our daughters in such a beautiful place.
5. What is your current occupation?
I am in-house counsel for Kaiser Permanente. My practice focuses on health plan administration, as I very happily hung up my litigator hat shortly after moving to Orinda.
6. How long have you been a member at OPP?
We are starting our third year as members this coming season.
7. What are your family members that are also members at the pool?
My husband, Bryan, and our daughters Ella (11) and Ava (8), who are in the 5th and 2nd grade at Wagner Ranch Elementary.
8. What is your favorite thing about the pool?
My favorite thing about the pool is the opportunity to connect with friends old and new. As your new Social Director, I look forward to continuing the strong tradition of social events and community-building at OPP.
9. What meal, drink, or combination of the two would you like to be surprised with by your family members or other friends?
I adore cooking and love nothing more than hosting an impromptu get-together--especially poolside! My ideal meal would feature fresh produce and offerings from the farmer's market, paired with a glass of Pinot Noir.
10. Do you have any hobbies that you and your family love to do?
Our family loves to travel. Last year we conquered our first overseas trip to Southeast Asia, and spent three weeks exploring Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. We are currently on a trip through South America. So far we've visited Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, and San Carlos de Bariloche. We're headed to explore the glaciers of Patagonia next, and will end our trip with stops in Santiago, Chile and Bogota, Colombia.
11. Does your family have any pets?
We have one 15 year old cat named Luna:
12. What's a hidden talent that you have?
My hidden--or perhaps not so hidden--talent is remaining calm under pressure. It served me well as a litigator, and might have had something to do with a fellow OPP member twisting my arm to take on the position of Social Director.