Upcoming Swim Team Events

5/18 - Tie Dye and Ice Cream Social for Swim Team *NOTE: T-Shirts Will Be Provided for All Members Registered for This Event!

5/19 - Time Trials at OPP Pool (Don't Forget to Commit Your Swimmer to the Event and Strokes for This on SportsEngine)

NOW - Signup for Volunteer Positions (Review Website for More Details)

Notable Events *Some Could Impact Pool Use*

CAFE OPEN on 5/11 & 5/12 (12-4 PM)

Atma Yoga on 5/11 & 5/12 @ (9-10 AM)

Last Swim Team Spring Clinics on 5/11

Swim Team Practices 5/13-5/17

Masters Swim on 5/13, 5/15, 5/17 @ 9:00 AM

OPP Board Meeting on 5/13 @ 7 PM

Let's Celebrate this Weekend!

It's going to be a hot Mother's day weekend!  Who has plans?

Need lunch plans? Chef Dave has you covered. He'll be offering a limited menu Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 to help you beat the heat and skip the kitchen. 

Do you want to spend time with mom...or does mom need some alone time? Atma Yoga has you covered BOTH days this weekend. See you poolside from 9-10 a.m.

Want to soak up some sun?  Mother nature has you covered Friday through Sunday.  Come on down, all!

Practice Updates

Time trials are right around the corner!  That means the practice lanes are filling up and the swim coaches are covering some essentials.  Check out next week's plans!

8 and Unders:
This group will have a strong focus on dives, as well as prep for the time trials process.

9 and Ups:

Monday: fly- underwaters

Tuesday: Free-underwaters

Wednesday: Back-underwaters

Thursday: Breast- underwater pull downs

Friday: Breathing

Official Cafe Opening Day + Live Music on 5/25

Friday, May 25 is a big day! Not only is it the official opening day for the cafe, but we'll also have live music (acoustic jams from local favorite Brooks Lundy) from 6-9pm.  To keep the party going, we'll be open a bit later for late night swim.  There might be some other surprises in store as well, so stay tuned.

Want More Memorial Day Weekend Fun? 

We got you covered! Mark your calendars for Memorial Day, May 27th (that's a Monday) to come down and participate in all or some of the following events:

1) Chili Cook-Off - dust off your favorite chili recipe for the first annual(?) Memorial Day Chili Cook-Off at OPP! Bragging rights and prizes for the top 3 entries. More details to come soon.

2) Special Menu Offerings from Chef Dave during the day - we will announce the official menu soon!

3) Blind Wine Tasting - There will be more details to come soon!

Let's Raise Some Funds for Meets!

Do you love Park Pool? Do you find yourself wishing there was a way to display your stingray pride on your car, water bottle, or swim parka? Well, we have got the solution for you! Our new stingray logo is now available as a sticker, magnet, or patch!

These items are ONLY available as part of the Stingray Spirit Fundraiser. Each year the swim team fundraises to pay for subs to work jobs at meets that haven't been filled. Your donations help us cover this cost and ensure that more of our budget can go to fun social activities.

  • Donate $20 to get an awesome high-grade sticker!

  • Donate $30 for a sweet car magnet!

  • Donate $50 for a sew-on patch or iron it on!

  • OR donate $75 to get all three!!

Donating to the fundraiser is the ONLY way to get these fun spirit items, they will not be sold as part of the regular gear sale. 

Stickers and magnets will be available for pick up at Time Trials on Sunday, May 19.

Sign Up and Send Donations via Pay Pal account, treasurer@orindaparkpool.org

More questions? Contact swim team fundraiser Carlie Magill carliemagill@gmail.com

Want More Stingray Spirit Opportunities?

Noella, Adalyn, and Kaia Chen are very excited about OPP starting up again! To support the team and the facility, they are making OPP-themed soap for  $10. These are 3-layered glycerin soap bars scented with either vanilla, lavender, or cherry blossom and contain perler beads stingray, OPP, or PARK designs.

100% of the donations go to OPP. They will have a Table at Time Trials. Come by and take a look at the awesome soap they have made.

Goooo PARK 

Late Spring Schedule (5/4 to 5/31)

(Please Reference the Calendar on the OPP Website for the Swim Team Schedule)

How Can My Family Members Also Receive the Newsletters?

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5. Add or update their contact information within their profile

What About Swim Team Emails, Can They Also Get Those?

You can also add your family members' contact information for swim team information by doing the following:

1. Go onto Team Unify

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4. Add additional emails in the alternate email section of the profile

5. Be sure to save the changes

If you have any questions or comments for us, please reach out to us at news@orindaparkpool.org.