4/20 to 4/26 Notable Events That Could Impact Pool Use

Atma Yoga on 4/27 & 4/28 @ (9-10 AM)

Swim Team Clinics on 4/27 & 4/28 (11-1 PM)

Swim Team Practices 4/29-5/3

Masters Swim on 4/29, 5/1, 5/3 @ 9:00 AM

The Newsletter for Park Pool

Let's do it new swimmers!  Dory knows what you all need to do during the chilly upcoming week...

Practice Updates

The second week of swim team practices is coming soon!  We had a great five days of attendance during the first week, with a HUGE number of new swimmers joining the team this year.  For next week, here is the practice plan!

8 and Unders:
Focus will be on backstroke and continuing to work on freestyle.

9 and Ups:
Monday: Back drills/turns 
Tuesday: Breast drills/turns   
Wednesday: Fly drills and turns. 
Thursday Free drills and turns 
Friday: Open turns

*Note: Spring swim clinics are being held again this weekend; 11:00-11:45 for 9 and Ups, 12:00-12:45 for 8 and Unders

Still Looking to Register for Swim Team???

Prices for swim team will be going up $50 this Sunday, April 28th.  More importantly, the volunteer positions are shrinking quickly.  If you were waiting for awhile to join swim team, there's no time like the present.  Please review the steps in the previous newsletter to get step by step instructions on how to register for swim team.

Ministingers Survey

Are you the parent of a ministinger?  If so, we need your feedback on availability this summer when ministinger practices start.  We know practices will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week, but we need your input to try to figure out time slots.  Here is the link to the survey:  https://forms.gle/pADoeUpCjMBGFMm16

Our swim team events are getting set.  Be sure to save these dates on your calendars!

Spring Schedule (3/25 to 5/5)

(Please Reference the Calendar on the OPP Website for the Swim Team Schedule)

Who's Hungry???

Just a reminder, the Cafe officially opens on May 25th.  There will also be several pop up days when it finally gets warmer out.  The typical summer hours are as follows:

  • Monday through Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday, 12 to 6 PM

Getting To Know Your OPP People!

Time to meet another big figure at our pool everyone!  Today, we visit with our pool manager, Eldad Hazor.  He can be reached by email at manager@orindaparkpool.org, or by phone at 415-515-4298.

Q: Where were you born and how long did you live there?

A: I was born in Israel and moved to California to go to College.

Q: Did you swim competitively as a child?

A: I swam competitively until I was 12 and then I started playing water polo. 

Q: Did you have any other sports/hobbies that you did a lot as a child?

A:  In addition to aquatics, swimming and then water polo, I played basketball.  My basketball career ended when I figured out that that sport requires strong vertical jumping skills.

Q: When did you move to the Lamorinda area?

A: I have been around the Lamorinda area since I moved to Berkeley to go to college.

Q: How long have you been the pool manager at OPP?

A: I have been the pool manager since 2019.  This is my 6th year.

Q: What exactly does the pool manager do at OPP?

A: I make sure that all aspects of the pool operations run smoothly; and serve as the first communication channel for every questions/comments the fantastic OPP members might have.  I also assist the swim team with its back office operation, lessons and the OPP Learn To Swim Program.

Q: Do you have any family members that are on the swim team and/or attend OPP regularly?

A: My oldest daughter has been on the OPP swim team for the past 5 years.  She loves the meets and OPP spirit!

Q: Do you have any other jobs or hobbies that you regularly do these days?

A: Yes.  In addition to my duties at OPP I run a boutique fitness program called Dads Polo and I also coach a youth water polo team.

Q: Do you have any suggestions or messages that you'd love for all the families at OPP to hear--in just a few sentences or less?

A: OPP is a fantastic pool with a great membership base.  The lifeguards, Brad Allen--the swim team head coach--and I work closely together to make sure we will have another fun and productive year.  

Q: Is there anyone that you'd like to give a special hello to in this message?

A:  Yes.  I would like to thank all the OPP Board members for everything they do for the pool.

If you have any questions or comments for us, please reach out to us at news@orindaparkpool.org.